Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Valentine Sewing

I love sewing for Valentine's Day. I'm not really sure why except I think it must be the colors. The reds, bright pinks mixed with white just make me sew happy. I have been sewing up a storm. I haven't used any patterns, just my own designs.

Enjoy your day,
Sewing Momma

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Blog For Me

I  have had another blog for over five years. I love my other blog but unfortunately the technology of blogging and social media, as great as it is for making new friends and sharing information with a lot of other people, also has it's faults. I have been the victim of stalking by someone that I don't want to share any information with. I shared a lot about my family on my other blog and this person was using that blog as a way to spy on us. So, it may take me a while to wean myself off of my other blog and fill this blog with my creative pursuits but this is the start. I love sharing about sewing, crafting, thrifting and a little about homeschooling and family fun.  I hope if you have stumbled upon this blog that you will check back and see what it blossoms into.

Sew Mommy