Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Sewing Challenge

Christmas Sewing Challenge: For my sewing friends. Our church is adopting two homeless families in our community. There are two little boys in this group and I wanted to do something but my funds are very limited this year due to illness and my husband's recent unemployment. HOWEVER, I have fabric and a little time. I am making both boys their own personalized quilts. I encourage all of my sewing friends to use a little stash and a litte time and sew atleast one item for someone that you don't know. Do it in the name of Jesus! Simple and quick are fine. I know we are all busy. I need to make things for my own girls but I am going to commit to sewing for these sweet little boys too. Who's joining me?? Please comment if you decide to join me.

If you don't know who to donate to in your area, they are still needing quilts in New York and New Jersey.

Happy Sewing!!